Donnerstag, 16. April 2015

SCROTE & Fontaine Burnett & Special Guest: Mimi Schell | Hafenbahnhof | 16 Apr 2015

Additional information:

Los Angeles guitarist/ producer SCROTE has worked with a wide array of notable artists on stage & in the studio. He brings his eclectic influences together on his new release & tour ‘Awkward Songs Of Love, Sin, & General Mayhem’.
Armed with just his voice, a trusty electric guitar, and a vintage drum machine, Scrote leaves high tech behind to become an engaging performer with his unique songs & superb guitar playing.

Fontaine Burnett
One man, one guitar, and a million possibilities. We are speaking of Kansas City native Fontaine Burnett, a well travelled musician with experience encompassing studios and stages around the globe. A stonch proponent of classic songwriting, with an uncanny knack for writing melodic, emotionally charged songs with an effective sing-along factor. This is human powered music. Not overly bombastic, but moving just the same. He has done his homework, mining his deep american heritage for the inspiration and influences to feed his muse with the neccessary emotional nutrition. Sad songs. Happy songs. Songs of joy and pride. Songs of defeat and shame. Human music for those with adult tastes.

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