Wattolümpiade | 2016 | Mud Olympics

Einleitung | Introduction

Why do people pay for getting dirty?
There are two reasons: (a) having fun, (b) supporting charity.
The Mud Olympics (Wattolümpiade in the local language) are dirty, are fun, and above all a charity, dedicated to help cancer patients and their relatives in the west coast area of Schleswig-Holstein/Germany.
Here are some facts for people new to the Mud Olympics:
  • In 2016 they are in their 12th year.
  • Since 2004 more than €290,000 have been collected for the charity.
  • Their German motto is Stark gegen Krebs – Strong against cancer.
  • The money from the tickets and the entry fees of the competitors goes directly to the charity, as the Mud Olympics are completely financed by sponsors.
  • Last year it took only 50 seconds on the Internet for the competitors to get their admission to the games.

Vorbereitung | Preparations

Die Zuschauer kommen | The audience arrives

Der Wattgottesdienst | Religious service

Die Mannschaften | The teams

Das wattolympische Feuer | The Mud-olympic Flame

Die Wattkämpfe | The contests on the mud flats

Und die Sieger sind… | The winners are…

Konzert |Concert